Who I am:

  • Midwestern expat who now resides in Stockholm, Sweden and travels globally
  • Bibliophile who prefers reading by any body of water than anything else
  • Multi-lingual gym junkie who listens to foreign language podcasts during weight lifting sessions
  • Lover of life who enjoys a decent burger, good rap music, and a glass of wine

What to expect from this blog:

  • Regular posts pertinent to the life of an ambitious traveler
  • Well-researched information to help readers navigate successfully through life
  • Personal experiences of traveling, lifestyle, language, and fitness
  • A supportive, loving community where all opinions are respected

Top 5 fun facts about Kelli:

  1. I was a classic rock/oldies radio DJ in high school. My favorite song to play was “California Dreaming” by The Mamas and the Papas.
  2. Out of my four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish), English is my native one and Swedish is the most fun to speak.
  3. Nothing makes me feel better than a nice hike in the woods with a hot bath while reading a good book afterwards.
  4. Oprah once said I was cute (I was 5 years old and wearing matching dresses with my best friends).
  5. Sentimental youtube videos, listening to Back Home Again In Indiana, and watching the end of “Saving Private Ryan” are guaranteed to make me cry.

Twitter: @pbandkelli

Instagram: Coming soon!