Lessons in Integrating: Swedish Hockey

First, play this Leksand song while reading this post.

About six days after landing in Sweden, I faced the greatest challenge: surviving a hockey weekend in central Sweden. It is no secret that Göran (Jonas’ dad) is a huge Leksand fan; currently, I have three pieces of Leksand clothing. Therefore, getting invited to a hockey weekend in Dalarna with him, Jonas, and farmor (grandma) was a huge honor.


First, you wear a Leksand sweatshirt. Next thing you know, you are cheering them on every weekend.

After a two to three hour drive deep into Sweden, we came to the cradle of fanatic Swedish hockey fans: Leksand. For a town with a population of less than 6,000 inhabitants, filling a 6,000 seat arena week after week with faithful fans who cheer the entire match is quite a feat. Even though every moment was filled with singing or cheering, the highlight was the dramatic Dalahäster entrance.

Despite the team’s 2-1 loss, the weekend was amazing. We visited tiny charming towns (featured image is Rättvik), ate knäckebröd at the world-famous factory, drank local beer, and relaxed in the hotel´s sauna and pool. If you ever have the chance to get off the beaten path, I highly recommend spending a few days enjoying a few days in authentic Sweden.

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