Airboats and Alligators | An Adventure in Deep Florida

After years of vacationing in Southwestern Florida, laying by the pool or trying to find a space for your towel at the beach get monotonous. To keep things exciting, Jonas and I headed to Immokalee for Airboats and Alligators.

Let me paint you a picture. With a belly full of fresh produce from the local market (Immokalee is a migrant farming community), we arrived at a small wooden shack, surrounded on both sides by swamp. Once the tour begins (and thank god because Airboats and Alligators also boasts large poisonous snake enclosures aka my nightmare), a man with a large beard, a thick southern accent, and a pot belly guided us along the shores of Lake Trafford: Home to Thousands of Alligators.

We couldn’t resist getting squealing when we saw our first alligator. We also couldn’t resist taking a selfie wearing these ridiculous hearing-saving red earphones. Slightly burnt and suddenly alligator experts, we headed to a local taco stand, basking in our new found love of these scaly creatures.

Have you been on an airboat tour? Do you have other off-the-beaten path locals in southern Florida? Leave a comment below!


All thoughts are my own and I was not reimbursed for the statements above.

2 thoughts on “Airboats and Alligators | An Adventure in Deep Florida

    • pbnkelli says:

      We didn’t! We didn’t know of any good places so we ended up eating at a taco stand instead. Where did you live in South Florida? It is such a cool place 🙂


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