Miracle of Miracles: ICEHOTEL Will Be Open 365 Days a Year

If you’ve ever been on any travel website/Pinterest board, you’ve seen a picture of the ICEHOTEL in  Jukkasjärvi, Sweden (20 minutes from Kiruna). As a refresher, ICEHOTEL is a luxurious hotel made out of –you guessed it– ice 130 miles of the Arctic Circle.


While this hotel is breathtaking and absolutely bucket list material, for the past 26 years, it has only been open during the winter. But worry no longer – ICEHOTEL will now be a working hotel all year. In their press release, founder Yngve Bergqvist said the hotel will give their guests the option of dog sledding and enjoying the Northern Lights or hiking in the Midnight Sun. Best part? They will be using environmentally sustainable practices to keep the hotel icy even in the summer. #environmentallyfriendly

Video of ICEHOTEL tour here

If you are itching to experience arguably the coolest (pun intended) part of Northern Sweden, the attraction could be ready as early as this month – booking info here! Ive always wanted to visit this amazing part of Sweden and now might be the chance.

Are you interested in the ICEHOTEL? Would you want to visit in the summer? Comment below!


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